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Cyberbullying: A Growing Teen Threat

Bullies have always been a part of society. Parents, teachers, and even students have long considered bullying and being bullied as a rite-of-passage that affects all children. While vigilance by parents or guardians, teachers, and community members may reduce or eliminate some forms of bullying, yesterday's schoolyard bully has been replaced by another type of bully.
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NBC Learn

The NBC News Archives on Demand Health and Wellness video collection provides 35 minute video clips that focus on positive lifestyle choices and the latest research in health science. Explore body systems, health and hygiene, exercise and fitness, food and nutrition, and advances in medicine, along with mental health resources addressing self-image, relationships, stress management, conflict resolution, and mental health disorders.
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Fitness Zone

Fitness Zone activities provide a good way to integrate fitness into your classroom. You can use them to give students a quick break between subjects, so students settle down to focus on new material more easily.

Balanced Squat

This can be a fitness break activity individuals, small groups, or the whole class.

  • Stand on your right leg with your hands on your hips.
  • Touch your left toe to the floor. Bend your right knee. Push your hips back.
  • Straighten your spine while tightening your core muscles.
  • Lean forward so that your back is diagonal from your hips and head.

Push your hips behind you and bend your right knee to lower yourself into a one-legged squat.

You can find more energy boosters like these in FitnessZone.

Professional Development

Responsible Digital Citizens: Conversations for the Classroom

The role of the health educator is constantly changing. Twenty years ago, cyber bullying did not exist. Today's health textbooks include information on how to stay safe online and how to be responsible digital citizens. Teen Health and Glencoe Health both contain information on bullying and cyber bullying, and also offer activities to help students understand how to become responsible digital citizens.
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Teacher Tips—What Works!

Teacher tips are tried-and-true teaching strategies developed by health education teachers around the country. Take a look at some classroom activities that really work.
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